Rolling the trophy.

As you know, I was recently nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by The Do-Gooder Mama. You can read my acceptance post here.

I told you my story, and I followed up with the needful rules. But I had the last pending task of nominating 15 other deserving bloggers for this award. I don’t actively visit other blogs much, but there are a few favourites. I’ve taken my time to consider all of these, and I have my final 15.  The trophy now rolls to you. So here goes, in no particular order-

  1. -This was a blog introduced to me by my brother when I was new to blogging. It really inspired me to start. This is such chilling and talented writing. You spin magic with your words.
  2. – This is the blog home of Ann Morgan. In this blog, she talks about her journey of reading her way through all the 196 independent countries of the world. She takes reader suggestions about which book of national literature to read from each country, and then reads it!
  3. –This is a wonderful initiative to support and further a cruelty-free lifestyle. They tour some great cities for vegan restaurants, and have interesting giveaways, events, products and recipes. I have the highest respect for animal activists and environmentalists (me being an ardent one myself), and hence for the people behind this initiative.
  4. – You just take a post-it note, write an inspirational message starting with hello, and leave it somewhere for someone to find. I figure it’s a random act of kindness type of thing; damn cute.
  5. -This blog claims to have the solution to how-to-do just about anything. And it just makes me laugh. So much. Haha. And I have soft corners for people who make me laugh.
  6. -Her challenge is to buy one cup of coffee for a stranger every day for a year. She just pays for someone’s coffee in line behind her at Starbucks. It’s so incredible that one cup of coffee from a stranger can lighten someone’s day! I just love the thought behind this blog.
  7. – This is an interesting blog by Robert Bruce, in which he reads, ranks, and reviews all 100 of Time Magazine‘s greatest English-speaking novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses). For all you book-worms out there, you should check this out.
  8. – The author of this blog turns 57 soon, and as a way to count her blessings, she’s doing a total of 57 random acts of kindness this year.
  9. -This is a blog filled with mouth-watering vegetarian recipes. She takes dishes from all parts of the world, and adds an Indian twist to it. Me being Indian and vegetarian, find this an irresistible combo. Good luck, veggiezest.
  10. -This is a series of really funny comic strips. They are so relevant and hilarious; you have to check these out.
  11. -She does one act of kindness every day, and posts about it. Why not just be kind?
  12. -This boy is so poetic and beautiful and strange and compelling that I don’t even know how to sum up his blog in a few words here. This is some enigma that you have to witness, please redirect and visit his blog.
  13. -This is a collection of lovely poetry written in a visibly skilled hand. I love your writing, Erica Petty!
  14. -Laurien is a girl like me, dealing with the after-effects of a break-up. She’s a lovely poet and has been courageous to post publicly her greatest fears. You are brave and stronger than you think, Lauren; I have faith in you. Thank you for sharing your healing story.
  15. – This isn’t even a complete blog (he just made it to re-blog my posts as a gesture of support for my blog), and the reason it’s on this list is not because of the blog itself, but the wonderful person behind it. Among all the people who have inspired me this past year, he takes the crown. I couldn’t have made it this far without his spoken and unspoken support, and what better way to express that to him but this Award? I love you.

These are just some of the blogs and people that are beautiful in my world. If your blog is not on this list, it doesn’t mean that I don’t find it inspiring. You are all inspiring and beautiful in your own ways. Thank you for sharing your world with me!

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